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Autoclave - TauClave 3000 FRV (Fractionated Vacuum)


Technical Data

  • Dimensions (mm): width. 444, height. 385, depth 430
  • Chamber (mm): diameter 240, depth 350
  • Absorbed power: 1250 watt - 50Hz
  • Power supply: 230 V oo othen voltage on request
  • Net weight Kg. 45 - Gross weight Kg. 50

Main characteristics

  • Vacuum Pump: for an impeccable sterilization and a perfect drying
  • Five programmes: 4 at fixed temperature and one manually adjustable (Special)
  • Use of demineralized and constantly pure water: guaranteed by the separation of the clean and soiled-water tanks, ensuring a perfect hygiene
  • Absolute safety: in case of malfunction the autoclave stops working, unloading the pressure and displaying the anomaly.


In line with the requirements of the field and in compliance with the Medical Devices Directives, TAU CLAVE 3000
Fractionated Vacuum is a solid and dependable machinery manufactured by Tau Steril to safely and efficiently sterilize hollow, porous and
solid bodies, either wrapped or unwrapped.

An efficient electronic system controlled by a microprocessor allows to constantly monitor throughout all the various phases of
the chosen cycle pressure, temperature and time, displaying any possible anomalies on the screen.

Equipped with a stainless steel chamber and a double tank for clean and dirty water; the technological system controlling the machine also offers options such as the Bowie and Dick control-tests and 5 sterilization cycles depending on the type of material to be treated and on the time set; one of these cycles can be set manually, with temperatures and times upon choice.

The Fractionated Vacuum technology guarantees a total expulsion of the air in the chamber, followed by a sterilizing and drying phase made
possible thanks to a pump used to completely eliminate the residual steam thanks to a ventilation programme.

The machine can be connected to a printer in order to register the cycle and the results of each individual phase.


The advantages of the TauClave 3000 Fractionated Vacuum

  • Vacuum pump for perfect drying (TauClave 3000 Vacuum)
  • Five programmes: four at fixed temperature and one Special Programme
  • Programme control by means of a "microprocessor"
  • Use of demineralised water=reduced costs.
  • li>
  • Water is not recycled: perfect hygiene
  • Absolute safety: in case of fautly operation the autoclave stops, releases pressure and visualises the type of failure.
  • Can be used in a cupboard.


All TAU STERIL products are manufactured in compliance with the EEC Medical Devices Directives and according to the Company Quality System, certified in accordance with UNI EN ISO regulations.


tauclave3000FRV display



1 - Pressure display
2 - Temperature display
3 - +/- Temperature
4 - Time display
5 - +/- Time
6 - Programme selector
7 - Start/Stop
8 - Alarm led
9 - Fuses
10 - Optional
11 - Main switch
12 - Led working
13 - Led Programme








CE Certification
UNI CEI EN ISO Certification
TauClave 3000 Fractionated Vacuum depliant
TauClave 3000 Fractionated Vacuum use instruction