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Autoclave - TauClave 3000 Vacuum


Technical Data

  • Dimensions (mm): width. 444, height. 385, depth 430
  • Chamber (mm): diameter 240, depth 350
  • Absorbed power: 1250 watt
  • Power supply: 230 V oo othen voltage on request
  • Net weight Kg. 45 - Gross weight Kg. 50

Main characteristics

  • Vacuum Pump: for an impeccable sterilization and a perfect drying
  • Five programmes: 4 at fixed temperature and one manually adjustable (Special)
  • Use of demineralized and constantly pure water: guaranteed by the separation of the clean and soiled-water tanks, ensuring a perfect hygiene
  • Absolute safety: in case of malfunction the autoclave stops working, unloading the pressure and displaying the anomaly.


La Tau Clave 3000 Vacuum is a class S autoclave entirely controlled by a microprocessor, assisted by a pump. The sterilization chamber is totally built in stainless steel.
An initial thermodynamic vacuum, followed by a pressure stabilisation, ensures the production of saturated steam, fundamental condition for a perfect sterilization. Once the sterilization process is over, the pump intervenes for the second time, guaranteeing a deep and complete drying phase.


The advantages of the 3000 series

  • Vacuum pump for perfect drying (TauClave 3000 Vacuum)
  • Five programmes: four at fixed temperature and one Special Programme
  • Programme control by means of a "microprocessor"
  • Use of demineralised water=reduced costs.
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  • Water is not recycled: perfect hygiene
  • Absolute safety: in case of fautly operation the autoclave stops, releases pressure and visualises the type of failure.
  • Can be used in a cupboard.


All TAU STERIL products are manufactured in compliance with the EEC Medical Devices Directives and according to the Company Quality System, certified in accordance with UNI EN ISO regulations.





1 - Pressure display
2 - Temperature display
3 - +/- Temperature
4 - Time display
5 - +/- Time
6 - Programme selector
7 - Start/Stop
8 - Alarm led
9 - Fuses
10 - Optional
11 - Main switch
12 - Led working
13 - Led Programme








CE Certification
UNI CEI EN ISO Certification
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